OnSite Septic Solutions, LLC

OnSite Septic Solutions, LLC was established in Cambridge, Vermont in January of 2007 by business partners Paul Beauregard and Kevin Archambault. OnSite was created to supply and serve the needs of wastewater installation contractors throughout Northern Vermont.

We offer septic tanks, pump stations, treatment systems, siphons, distribution boxes, grease traps, manholes, and more. We carry Champion Pumps, Jet Wastewater Treatment Systems, Flout Siphons, Time Dose and duplex control panels, Polylok and Tuf Tite risers and covers, orifice shields, speed levelers, and a variety of other wastewater products.

OnSite Precast Concrete Products

Making septic tanks since 2007.

We have a large selection of septic tank sizes available and in stock, which allows for fast delivery within Vermont. And, our boom trucks make installation quick and easy.

When you choose an OnSite Precast Concrete Septic Tank, you get:

A Great Selection

We have a large selection of septic tanks with a variety of sizes available and in stock, which allows for fast delivery within Vermont. And, our boom trucks make installation quick and easy.

Watertight Product

All OnSite Septic Solutions tanks are designed to be 100% watertight. We follow detailed and comprehensive quality control procedures. The inlet and outlet pipe connections are all gasketed.

Structural Integrity

Our septic tanks are designed to meet and exceed ASTM C1227 standards, covering design & performance requirements, and manufacturing practices for precast concrete septic tanks.

Our Precast Products Include:

Accessories: Pumps, Lids and Risers, Advanced Treatment Systems, and Filters

Adding some simple and cost-effective accessories to your septic tank can significantly lower your long-term costs of ownership. See our links above.

OnSite​ Septic Solutions, LLC – Customer Care

We strive to provide the best customer service in the industry at the most reasonable pricing possible. OnSite is capable of catering your precast needs no matter how big, small, or technical the project. Whether you install one or two septic tanks per year or over one hundred sets of tanks and pump stations per year, we can handle all of your precast needs. OnSite is known and trusted by contractors, septic designers, and engineering firms across Northern Vermont.

Wood, stacks of railroad ties, old barrels, and old cars were all once used as old septic tanks that were dumped into ditches or streams. Now we use concrete septic tanks, which improves the water quality for all of us. When we first started OnSite we had one old mold and one used truck and now we have eleven molds and multiple delivery trucks running out of our Cambridge Vermont location to service your jobsite.

We look forward to supplying your precast concrete needs to your future septic installations.

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If you’ve had your fill of large propane conglomerates and call centers, give us a try. We’ll meet your needs like only a local business can. Check us out at OnSitePropane.com!

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