Jet Advanced Treatment Systems

The JET Residential Waste Water Treatment System is a cleaner, lower-odor, and lower-maintenance alternative to traditional septic systems. The JET system uses the patented Biologically Accelerated Treatment (BAT®) process to transform waste water into colorless, odorless, environmentally-friendly effluent, and cleaner than most city plants. It has only one moving part, no complicated electronics to fail and no filters to change resulting in less maintenance and years of trouble-free operation.

J-750 GDP Plant Component Parts & Installation
J-1500 GDP Plant Component Parts & Installation

With 1,500 Gallon Top Seam Precast Concrete Septic Tank


Residential WWTP Plastic Tank with Effluent Filter


Residential WWTP Plastic Tank with Effluent Filter

Jet J-500-800PLT

This tank offers a light weight alternative to the standard concrete Jet treatment system. The PLT series tanks offer variable treatment capacity from 500 to 800 gallons per day. They are rotational molded out of light weight, polyethylene material to offer a seamless tank with maximum strength and durability.


When the J-500-800 PLT is to be installed in areas where high water tables are common, additional anti-buoyancy measures should be installed. Jet recommends using concrete anchors placed beside the tank in the excavation and secured to the tank with properly rated corrosion resistant straps.

Jet Wastewater Treatment Solutions Brochure