OnSite Precast Concrete Flout Tanks

A Flout System restrains the water coming from the septic tank until there is enough collected to flood the leach field. It fills the distribution box with water well above the invert of the leach field pipes and makes sure there is equal and fast flow of water down all parts of the leach field system. At the start of the discharge cycle all of the stored water is put into the distribution box and flows out to all legs of the leach field. After the discharge cycle is complete, the septic tank water is restrained again until another full charge of water is collected. This process will give your leach field a break to absorb the water that has flooded it.

48″ I.D Flout Tank with 3″ Discharge
48″ I.D Flout Tank with 4″ Discharge
800 Gallon Flout Tank Top Seam